A Trusted Approach to Insuring Risk.

Pro-Praxis Insurance is a underwriting management firm, specializing in addressing the unique risks associated with the healthcare industry. We understand our insureds’ business, allowing us to niche the niche and tailoring insurance programs specific to their needs.

As a broad mission statement, our goal is to provide our clients with products and services that go beyond underwriting. We will only be able to achieve this goal by delivering our value propositions.

Ingenuity doesn’t sleep
For every risk and every product, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve the pricing, terms and distribution of our insurance products.

All clients are created equal
We have designed our platform so our carrier, producer and policyholder clients ALL benefit from our programs.

We embrace data analytics beyond conventional underwriting practices
By embracing the aggregation and analysis of loss and clinical data, we improve our ability to predict claim patterns and deliver cost effective products.

Our products should support the mission statements of our core clients
Our insureds are the ones that provide an invaluable service to their respective communities.  Every policy we issue should support them in their delivery of healthcare services.

We set a high standard for the definition of success; accepting that success grows out of struggle
When building Pro-Praxis we knew it would not be easy to deliver on our mission statement.  We also knew that the struggle makes the final product worthwhile.

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